I) Our key activities for the United Nations: promote, unite and inform

A) Promote the United Nations and multilateralism:
  • Organise creative events in collaboration with UNRIC. AFNU supports all UNRIC initiatives in France. In line with this responsibility, we seek to provide creative and innovative offers.


  • The Association also works alongside the academic community in order to support initiatives of student associations and research laboratories who focus on the United Nations. Participation of AFNU members in events organised by these actors is encouraged.

  • AFNU network of members can be utilised to create and establish high level contacts within the United Nations administration or the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.  

  • Launch programs for younger generations. Our goal is to contribute to the development of future community leaders who are sensitised to the role of the United Nations and the stakes held by global governance – a major challenge. Several initiatives on this subject are currently on-going.

B) Unite friends of the United Nations
  • Bring together friends of the United Nations at major networking events. These meetings bring together leading personalities: actors from civil society, politics, diplomacy, media, research, education and the business world in France. French associations interested in the United Nations as well as European Associations for the United Nations will also be approached. As a primary vocation, the Association seeks to position AFNU as the leading association for the United Nations in France.

  • Organise meetings to be held on the occasion when senior UN officials or specialized agencies are in Paris. For example, these meetings could bring together a particular sector, the UN official, one or more business leaders of the focus sector, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and agents of the technical ministries considered.

C) Inform the public of UN activities

AFNU already publishes a weekly newsletter with a substantial following. Additional initiatives will follow in the upcoming weeks

II) Necessary resources:  increase our overall resources and open our association

A) Increase the resources of AFNU
  • Increase membership size and mobilize members to use AFNU resources

  • AFNU aims to become a meeting place for experts, diplomats, journalists and students. Youth in particular must be targeted.

  • A privileged access of AFNU members to internships is another option. UNESCO would also be able to host 4-5 internships each year. Efforts to obtain other partnerships should be made.

  • Create the possibility for instructors/researchers and students to connect with practitioners, high ranking diplomats and international civil servants.

  • Mobilize companies: gather their support by highlighting the interest for business leaders to integrate the AFNU network with their enterprise.

  • Financial support of outside companies is essential to the development of AFNU activities. Several AFNU initiatives are currently underway that may be of interest to these companies.

  • Mobilize support from public authorities and companies (office space, means of communication, etc.)

B) Governance and organization: open the Association to diverse backgrounds

Working groups and special committees could also be consulted to follow certain themes that we would like to develop.